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Thread: AMP and MTC

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunshineGirl View Post
    These do still show as active for us to promote, but it looks like they just may be hard to get?
    That is not the issue getting one, the issue is you can not get past the main page, you get that message I said. I read today, when I start to look for answers, was they do not know what the problem with the issue, You are right they are still stowing active, but until they figure out how to fix the problem, they are not working. If you read this thread last year we have the same problem, then after a couple of months it got fixed.


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    I'm kind of surprised the network hasn't turned these off until they get fixed because they can see a lot more data than I can. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking on their part that they will be fixed anytime now.


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