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Thread: New Disney App Offers

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    Default New Disney App Offers

    We have a couple of new Disney app offers but we need a little testing from someone who uses an iPhone.

    The first small offer is up:

    Disney Emoji Blitz (ios)

    I have to admit that I play this 2-3 times a day every day. It's pretty much my favorite game. I think I've been playing a year or two??

    It only pays .20 on the install, but I would love for people to try it out. I don't have an iphone or I would! You do have to be a new user for it to work. Does it go straight to the app store to install it or does it try to do something weird?

    Once a few people try it, we will be able to get the crediting system set up within a couple of hours and then hopefully quickly launch the next higher paying Disney offer as well!

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    The Emoji Blitz offer has expired, but there is another app (Disney Heroes: Battle Mode) available for both iOS and Android. Has anyone tried it yet? I had to play for about 2 hours total, I think, before it credited for me.


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