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Thread: New Daily Survey Coming Very Soon!

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    Default New Daily Survey Coming Very Soon!

    I just got word from a friend who I have known in the industry for over a decade that she is working with a new-ish survey company that would like to work with SR. I found that I can get them through one of our networks and add them ASAP or we can spend time doing custom programming to work directly with them. If we do it through the network, it is faster but we get paid less. If we custom program, we get paid more but it could take a week or so.

    I'm going to talk to SunshineGuy as soon as we get the company's documentation to see how long he thinks it would take to get it running. Normally I would not add something like this right in the middle of the holiday contest, but it looks like it might be a good opportunity!

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    Did not see this before, sounds interesting.



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