Ashleigh posted last week that we now have a merchant that offers COVID-19 Antibody Tests. You can go through HealthLabs to purchase the test and set up your lab draw at a clinic local to you. They will then report back the results. They are one of the tests that was granted FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on April 27th, 2020.

I learned a little trick today to help you save some money on the tests. If you go to their site and click on the COVID-19 Antibody test and kind of "look around" for a little bit, a pop up will eventually come up that offers 10% off. Then once you put the test into your cart, you will automatically see the 10% savings.

I can't promise that it will work for everyone but it worked for me twice on different computers! If you are interested in getting one of these tests and do not have free testing in your area or through your employer, this may be the way to do it.

HealthLabs Cash Back