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Thread: Wii Fit

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    I had been searching for what seemed like forever for a wii fit and used the trackers to no avail. I went to pick up my new laptop at bestbuy on friday and they didnt have the security software i wanted, they told me to come back around 8 or 9 because they had a truck coming in(in all honesty the wii fit did pop into my head but i didnt want to get my hopes up). I tried calling for over an hour to see if the software had come in but no one would answer the phone(it was tax free weekend they were busy). Anyways I went up to an employee and they said they didnt get the software in, so i was a little ticked but i happened to look at a table they had set up behind him and it had a wii fit box, i figured it was empty, i said "you dont happen to have any of those in stock do you?" and he handed it to me I said "this makes up for not having the software" I have exercised everyday except for today but i did do the body test today. I loooove it! I can already see a differnce in my body! I'm not sure how accurate the weight and bmi are considering i magically gained weight 2 seconds after i took the test (i took it twice in a row) but hey, it keeps me motivated none the less, i hate to see that graph line go up lol.
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    We didn't get the yoga mat. We got the balance board and the silicone cover. The silicone cover has proved to be a good choice with a 4 year old around LOL.

    We got our Wii Fit the day it was released and we're still going strong on it!!
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    OMG, is says I am 65 yrs old!!!! I am not even but it also says I am very undeweight.

    I love the balance area and am doing the downhill course as much as I can. I also like the ski jump. For now that is all I am doing.

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    Thumbs up wii fit

    I really enjoy my Wii Fit. I havent been as motivated lately as I was for the first month but I have seen results when I actually do it. I love how it keeps track of your progress and my husband and I cheer each other on. I am not very good at a lot of the yoga poses but I hear that comes with practice. I have pretty bad balance and have noticed a difference. I had lost about 3 lbs last time I checked. I recommend it for anyone that is a couch potato like me!


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