Feb 22 2010

Sunshine Rewards Joins Fight Against Advertising Tax

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For those of you who do not know, Sunshine Rewards operates its cash back program through affiliate marketing. Merchants pay us a certain amount to get us to get you to shop through them. We then split that amount with you, our members. However, there are a number of state legislatures that are trying to pass tax laws that will hurt the affiliate industry. Although we are not currently one of the states that would be impacted, we are lending our voice to the fight against the advertising tax so that our fellow coupon sites, reward sites, price comparison sites, and blog sites will not be in danger of losing their businesses.

Below is a quick video that I made explaining a bit about the tax (sometimes knows as the “Advertising Tax,” “Affiliate Tax,” or “Amazon Tax.”) If you are a blogger who makes any money from affiliate marketing or just someone who believes in our cause, I would encourage you to spread the word about issues. A more comprehensive post can be found on my personal blog at: Help Fight the Advertising Tax.

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