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  1. Part of it is that I have been on here for almost 8 years. The shopping and surveys have added up over time. For the surveys honestly it is that you have to keep trying. I will go months without one and then be successful several times in a row. Make sure you don't complete them too quickly as well since that will sometimes disqualify you. I read the whole page twice before I answer.
    I try to check on here before I do any shopping online. I order all my photos through the vendors on here for instance.
    Also look at the other offers - not all of them work up here but you might find something you like. I know I signed up for a few other survey companies through those.
    Best advice is to just keep plugging away. Sorry I don't have anything better.
  2. Hi, i noticed your profile says you're from Canada. I am too and just wondering how you manage to make so much money on here? i'm having problems qualifying for surveys any help is great..thanks so much.
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