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  1. Actually, you should post this in the forum, I have absolutely no idea what a ponyo dvd is. LOL We have a special area for Merchant spotlight, that would be perfect for it.
  2. Just made a purchse from They have the best prices on the ponyo dvds. DVDS are 29.99 everywhere else but only 19.99 at but, I went for 2 of the Ponyo dvd Plush Gift Sets on sale for $26.99 with free shipping. Thought you might want to post somewhere.
  3. Yes, it totally has to be under the TOS. You have to click on that link, and anything under that except the Molly stuff is eligible.
  4. It is a really hard to tell the way they have the sidebar.

    The subjects section is where I bought my books, and it is on the sidebar, but maybe they mean the section that says totally TOS, which is mostly ebooks.

    You might want to contact them just to clarify it must come from the Totally TOS so you can add it to the listing.

    Thanks for your help.
  5. They only pay if its under the TOS section of the sidebar. I'm not sure what else you bought, so if any of it is under the TOS section (click on that and see) let me know and I'll question them on it.
  6. Old Schoolhouse magazine TT. If only $39 qualified (then that was a 5 year subscription) and they are not paying anyting on the books on the sidebar as they stated.
  7. Sorry been sick and not on computer much, let he kids do the scratch offs. I onlynoticed your message this morning after I left message on forum about
    disney Store deals. I had problems submitting the ticket first time screne went blank so I redid but it ended up submitted twice. Hope i did the headers right.
  8. Can you open up a TT for me with your confirmation number from your purchase and your full name so i can make sure that this is crediting. Thanks.
  9. Thanks so much I placed a $125 order so we will see.
  10. I heard back from Old Schoolhouse, and they will pay a commission on anything from the side bar on their site under TOS, except Molly. So, if you click on that and you see something you want to buy except under the Molly category, we should get credit. HTH
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