Fans of Disney World

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  1. andrea2289
    I have Disney Fever!!
  2. mseg16222
    I am hoping to make it back next year depending on my husbands vacation. I have use TGM and I believe that it is good for a year, but not sure. He has some helpful ideas. When we were at Disney World last time there were 2 ladies beside me waiting to get in with there TGM schedules printed!
  3. 3dog2kidmom
    Can I play here too? I LOVE Disney World!!! Although I have no idea when our next tirp will be
  4. Mom2aPrincess
    After the questions the other day, I decided to come play around and found this group. When I saw it had to do with Disney, I had to join.
  5. jakeandsophiesmom
    How could someone not join this group!?! SR and Disney--sounds perfect to me!!
  6. Minniehaha
    HI!! I just joined the group! I LOVE LOVE LOVE WDW. We are going again in August and in December!!
  7. schaery
    Ah - My mostest favorite place in the world!! Be there for MVMCP!!
  8. mjharris3boys
    Hi, Have only been an SR member for a few months, but have been a Disney Fan for many years. While enjoying a day off from work, I found this group. Our next trip is planned for Oct 4-11 and I can't wait. This will be our 4th trip in 2008 and I am so excited.
  9. imgrammietofive
    hi i have never been yet but someday will
  10. llmedic36
    I love love love Disney!!!!
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