Fans of Disney World

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  1. SunshineGirl
    Starting our first social group!
  2. SunshineGirl
    I wonder if I have to invite people for them to be able to join this group?
  3. linanglab
    linanglab go away on vacation and SOOO many new things to Sunshine! I definitely think that I belong to a group that LOVES WDW. I definitely qualify!
  4. ~Kathie
    This is very cool and I finally figured out how to join!!!
  5. fourfoxesinpa
    Not sure what I've just joined but I like the company!
  6. Magical JenK
    Magical JenK
    Oooh me! me! I want to join!!
  7. SunshineGirl
    It's a nice place to find others that share common interests. This is kind of an obvious one. But we can set up others for interest groups as well. And they don't disappear like an old thread in the forum does.
  8. linanglab
    Hear this guys....I can now sort of start planning my Disney trip! 1 year to go! It is my next vacation! Kind of fun!
  9. Blessing and Miracle
    Blessing and Miracle
    I want to join the WDW FAN CLUB!
  10. kerry34
    Hi guys, definately joining this group. Already compuslively planning my next trip which isnt until 2010....I just hope I can get through 2009 without breaking down and going sooner!
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