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  1. linanglab
    Oh kerry! You are in the wrong group if you want us to tell you to NOT break down and go next year! LOL!!!! I get to go next year. It will have been 2 years (by our next WDW vacation), and I have been ready to go back since January! I have been looking into renting points. Plus, mom and dad might come for part of the time, so I am thinking about getting 2 rooms at value and having them have 1 of my kids (it will save us a TON of $$). I am looking at different options. I LOVE planning! Enjoy it! The planning is part of the fun!
  2. kerry34
    Hi Angela...glad to hear you are going back next year!!! I havent gone 2 full years between trips since 2002, so I really have to try this time. Although, the thought pops in my head once and a while that maybe we could go next year. LOL!! DH knows me well and how I think because he reminded me the other day how we have to put in a driveway next spring, and a fence for the yard and a few other home projects as well. I guess I can take a hint.
    I contemplated the values as well, but think we will go with the mods since my mom is going and will be staying with 3 of my kids. She doesnt like to do all the parks so the mods will offer her a bit more by way food options and some quiet spots to relax as well when she is alone. Well keep us updated on your planning and let us know where you settle on staying. Happy planning!!!
  3. bs4free
    WOW SR has Fun Groups TOO Look What i have missed out on....
  4. pbhall13
    Playing around on the computer tonight///as well as SR and look what I found.......oh this is right up my alley!!
  5. catnapfan
    I just stumbled onto this fun group and have to join! Only 44 days til I'm back in WDW!
  6. linanglab
    Planning on going to WDW next year - either July or August (depending on DH's vacation time). Thought about joining TGM because it is just fun to look at sites like that. How early do you all join? Can you change your vacation if your dates change without being charged????
  7. kerry34
    I have used TGM twice and at first his site can be a bit confusing. You can join whenever you want and your subscription ends 60 days after the last day of your vacation. If you decided to change your vacation it doesnt cost anything, you can just change your dates. The big reason why i joined is I like to follow his best days/best parks advice. One thing people get confused on is that they think that TGM offers touring plans that produce itineraries for the individual person, like ridemax. There are sample touring plans and you basically make up your own. If you have any other questions about it, let me know.
  8. linanglab
    Thanks Kerry. I joined last year, but I did not know if you were allowed to change dates. Glad to know that I can! I figure if I have it now, I will get more bang for my buck by having it longer!
  9. PSL1013
    I'm definitely a fan of favorite vacation place! :-)
  10. Pooh's Pal
    Pooh's Pal
    My favorite place in the world...I can not wait till my Dec/Christmas trip!
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