Amazing Salad dressing

  1. sunshinecindy
    Today as I was searching for a new salad dressing, I found the Maries yogurt dressing, no sugar or corn syrup or honey. I'm eating the blue cheese as I type and its awesome. No idea at all that its yogurt. Its only 70 calories, no trans fat and completely all natural. I am loving this.
  2. 3dog2kidmom
    I too found a new one... yogurt based, Boldhouse Farms, 80 cals for the Caesar Parmigiano variety. YUM YUM!
  3. sunshinecindy
    Shelly, do they have some type of Bacon one too. If so, thats the one my friends said is so delicious.
  4. ligrumpygirl
    OK Shelly...bought that dressing to try this week. I bought another one last week that was low carb but forgot to look at the fat - I did today YIKES! So we will see how this one tastes!
  5. 3dog2kidmom
    Fat is okay in your dressing, Janet. You need fat for fuel anyway and it's not like you are drinking a cup of it, lol. Think about the rest of your day... you're eating very little fat anyway so it's probably okay.

    That is a watchout with low carb stuff, though... it does tend to have a lot of fat.
  6. ligrumpygirl
    Very true, Shelly but this had like 19g of fat in 2 tablespoons!! YIKES that is even hard to admit...lost 3 lbs this week - imagine if I hadn't had all that fat!
  7. 3dog2kidmom
    Has anyone tried the salad spritzers, I think they're by Wishbone? I like the caesar one.
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