How are you doing?

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  1. ligrumpygirl
    OK on day two I am down 2 lbs according to WiiFit. Diet is not so bad the second day. Doing WiiFit every other day right now. Started Wii the day before the diet. Don't know if it is water loss or weight but I will take it!

    I am going to do a chart here according to my days on Wii (it keeps track for me!)

    Day 3 (-2lbs)
  2. 3dog2kidmom
    Hi Janet. WTG on the 2#!!!

    I have had 3 good days. Resisted blueberry pie and ice cream for a co-worker's birthday yesterday by staying at my desk. And shopping for cookies and treats for the kids & Dave after work yesterday was pure torture, but I picked up some jerkey and also Fiber One bars for my snack today so I am really looking forward to that.

    Yesterday was the first day I felt hungry or REALLY wanted something to eat in the evening. But I resisted by going to bed.

    I also ordered my Wii Fit from Kmart (sale, $69.99 with 2% cash back through SR and another 1% through my Disney Visa) last night. Can't wait to get it!!
  3. sunshinecindy
    Sounds like you two are doing great. I have a cup of chai tea at night when I get that urge. That helps me sleep. I love my wii fit, going to get the wii fit plus too I thnk and change it up. Saw it on Amazon for 19.99. Maybe have some other places too. I'm exercising about every other day. Still can't bring myself to daily, just doesn't seem to be enough hrs in the day.

    Now the Wii says I need to lose 18lbs, so its definately going down. Looking forward to that day it says "congratulations". I do know that when I hit the nee to lose 10lb mark, I am treating myself to a huge dinner and dessert. Will be interesting to see just how much I can eat of it.
  4. 3dog2kidmom
    OMG the wii fit tells you how much you NEED to lose? I don't think I can handle the truth
  5. sunshinecindy
    Yep, it will tell you what your BMI should be and how you are progressing towards it. Also tells you if you are overweight or obese. Thank heaven it didn't tell me I'm obese or it may have been thrown out the door.
  6. spring
    My wii fit has been telling me I'm obese. Good thing it doesn't live at your house, Cindy, or it would be in pieces, lol!
  7. 3dog2kidmom
    Pat mine will be telling me that too I'm sure But I am so excited that it shipped today! In other news, I had 2 Bud Selects tonight -- after my perfect week and perfect dinner I feel like I earned them, lol.
  8. ligrumpygirl
    5 days into this (according to Wii) and I am down 3lbs. Hoping to stay good tomorrow at DS's bday party! The food won't be the problem...I need a good glass of wine. Haven't had any wine since August due to some medical stuff so YUMMY!
  9. spring
    Ughhh! Fell off the wagon yesterday big time. Disgusted with myself, but will try to pick up where I left off today. Since I was already off the wagon yesterday, I DID enjoy a nice apple martini. Naughty, Pat, naughty, Pat, lol. However, even with not following the diet yesterday, I still managed to eat less than I would have otherwise. Now I just have to move on......
  10. sunshinecindy
    Thats ok Pat, it happens, you just get back on it, but you notice, even when we fall off, we seem to be eating less then before. So, while you may not lose anymore weight, you won't be gaining it either.
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