Another new find today, flavored Almonds

  1. sunshinecindy
    If; you live by a Big Lots, they have cans of Lime'n chili almonds, wasabi an soy sauce almonds and jalapeno smokehouse almonds from Blue Diamond. I've never seen them there before, they were in a special endcap on sale. They are all marked, smart snacking. Get them before the sell out, cause I'm sure they will.
  2. ligrumpygirl
    Of course...right after I ordered from Nutsonthenet, I started this diet! Luckily, I got mixed nuts - unforunately, they are salted. Oh well...good and bad!!
  3. 3dog2kidmom
    I've been getting the blue diamond roasted almonds with sea salt. I love the smokehouse ones, though they are saltier than I think is good for me. I might get some next time to mix it up a bit though. They have those at Aldi, too, I just haven't been there in awhile.
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