Official List for Friday, 10/23 Dinner

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  1. 3dog2kidmom

    'Ohana -- Friday, 10/23 -- 8:20/8:30 PM

    Shelly (3dog2kidmom)
    Traci (icartjetta)
    Janet (ligrumpygirl)
    Cindy (sunshinecindy)
    Jen (Magical JenK)
    Pamela (pbhall13)
    Tricia (SunshineGirl)
    Liz (jakeandsophiesmom)
    Deb (Pooh's Pal)
    Deb's friend
    Heather (hedy)
    Angie (missangie)
    Angela (linanglab)
    Rachel (schmoopie)

    Count: 21
  2. Pooh's Pal
    Pooh's Pal
    Just a thought here....who is arriving to WDW 1st??
    I know Heather and I arrive on Thursday the 22nd and our call in date is Friday the 24th for our ADR's....and I know Pam (pbhall13) arrives I think on Wednesday, the 21st of October.

    Just wondering if it would be advantageous for the 1st person arriving at WDW to call for the O'Hana's reservations?? Would that person have a better chance of getting in maybe?? Not sure if it matters or not, just a thought.
    (long day at work, just thinking here! )

    Either way..can't wait!!
  3. 3dog2kidmom
    We arrive on Thursday also. Deb, if you make the reservation for yourself (versus a client), can you as a TA call earlier than I could?
  4. Pooh's Pal
    Pooh's Pal
    Not anymore Shelly....I was so excited when I was able to get Leslie's reservations 10 days prior to her 90 day out date...but they soon caught on and nixed that great perk!!

    BUT...reading on the Disney Dining website, under Ohana' only takes ADR's for up to 10 guests!!! You'll have to call: For groups of 10 or more, please call (407) 939-5665

    Do you want me to call also and try?? Maybe we should call tonight...or Monday?? Maybe that # takes ADR's early?? (Yeah, doubtful, but worth a try!)
    It's like the old days of trying to get an IlllumaNations cruise(when they were cheap!!) or like nowadays trying to get an ADR for a Fantasmic dinner package, which cannot be booked online as of yet either! 6 people trying to call for the same thing! Grrrrr!

    Let me know...I'm off Friday and will be up early. Maybe we can get Pam to try on Thursday?? I think she may be the 1st to arrive!??
  5. Pooh's Pal
    Pooh's Pal
    Hey Shelly...has anyone told Disney on their room reservation that we are having a "Grand Gathering" (for parties of 8 or more)???
  6. 3dog2kidmom
    I already know to call group reservations -- which cannot be done until Friday, and I'll take care of it then.
  7. pbhall13
    just found this group...i don't mind calling a day ahead....just remind me and I will be happy to do it!!
  8. SunshineGirl
    Did Angie contact any of you about being added?
  9. ligrumpygirl
    As far as I know, Tricia, Shelly has not heard from Angie.
  10. 3dog2kidmom
    Nope -- no word from Angie.
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