Hey gang

  1. Hedy
    Just under six weeks!
    My very rough and vague plans for meet time are MK on Friday, meeting you all at O'hana. Saturday I'm hitting F&W fest-there is an outside chance my godmother may be joining me that day. Don't worry-she and my mom were the only two people who read the fine print and brought their own booze on a windjammer cruise back in the day (they were the only ones with it for the first couple of nights), so she'll fit right in. Sunday is DHS, followed by MNSSHP.
    How about you? Should we start a PM chain with cell #'s?
  2. 3dog2kidmom
    Hi Heather... we are getting close!!

    Here are my rough plans:

    - Arrive Thursday, MNSSHP - stay @ CR
    - Friday is pretty loose and unstructured (no park) -- moving to SSR & meeting up with everyone at the Poly for drinks/dinner
    - Saturday is Food & Wine (we'll keep an eye open for your godmother and her special bottle of "gatorade")
    - Sunday is open and travel home day

    It's entirely TOO short when I type it up like this, but it's all the days I could muster off right before a big event at work that I'm supporting. Looking foward to it just the same though!!!
  3. jakeandsophiesmom
    Looks like we may be doing the opposite of everyone else.

    Thurs--arrive and probably check out DTD for the night
    Fri--Epcot for F&W and SR meet at Ohana
    Sat--MK for the day, Kona Cafe dinner, MK night
    Sun--leaving day

    Of course it's all up for change b/c I'm being flexible this trip. Can't imagine not spending my last night at MK, but SIL hasn't been in 26 years and really wants to see AK. But she is planning a trip next yr for the family. Guess we will play it by ear.

    In other news-does anyone want my sister?? We had a battle this week b/c after I told her for months to go ahead & make ressies, she assured me that it wouldn't be a problem. She waits until last week to make the ressies & got an email this week that they are overbooked! After the bloodshed, we are having to stay offsite at another place. I love my sis dearly but I must have been stone cold drunk when I asked her to go!! Thank goodness my sis-in-law is going.
  4. linanglab
    Hey ladies! I will be at the Poly around 8. Very excited! Never have been to O Hana so this is exciting to me! YEAH! SOOOO close. cannot wait!

  5. Hedy
    PM chain with contact info is sent. If you don't get it, please holler and I'll forward
  6. jakeandsophiesmom

    Looks like we are switching things around a bit! We've decided Fri will be our MK day and Sat will be all day F&W! I'm sure we'll all run into each other at some point!
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