O'Hana's Dinner Reservation UPDATE!

  1. Pooh's Pal
    Pooh's Pal
    We ran into a bit of a snag with our 7:05pm reservations and to make a long story short,(and not bore you with details of my TWO hour phone conversation with Disney Dining!) Thanks to Shelly we now have new reservations at 8:15ish on Friday night October 23rd.

    We've added a few people also, so our total looks like 21 now, although we have room for 24, if anyone decides to bring a friend! (the more the merrier!)

    Shelly came up with game plan of:
    Cocktails by the Poly pool around 7pm
    then dinner at 'Ohana's at Disney's Polynesian Resort around 8:15pm.
    Hoping for a table by the window so we can watch Wishes at 9:30pm! (sorry no wishes by the beach this time around! )

    Hope this is not an inconvenience for any...as we thought it would give those of you flying in that day, or going to a park that day, time to get ready for dinner at your leisure!

    Can't wait to meet all of you at the Polynesian Resort, almost 30 days away now!

  2. Hedy
    Sounds good to me. Do you know if we could get Lapu lapu's at Tambu, then take those to the pool bar?
  3. SunshineGirl
    I won't be able to stay too long since the kids will be getting in from the airport and we'll be heading over to Port Canaveral early on Saturday. But I should at least be able to stay until the fireworks start.
  4. 3dog2kidmom
    No Lapu's at the pool bar? Either way, I'd imagine we could definately take them out with us.
  5. pbhall13
    thanks for the update!! Looking forward to it!

  6. jakeandsophiesmom
    Thanks for the update! Sounds like a good plan!! This actually works out well for us b/c my dear sister has been dying to add another friend and I've been telling her nope, can't do it!
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