New drink to add

  1. sunshinecindy
    I just found out today that the Ruby Red Grapefruit juice has nothing added to it, and with a modified diet, drinking two glasses a day, you will lose around 19lbs in 13 weeks. Thats a good deal. I actually happen to like it. Now, when I add a little vodka, they may hinder the weight a bit. LOL

    Oh ya, it also lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol. I'm adding this to my diet for sure.
  2. ~Kathie
    Wow.......that's sound great. Grapefruit juice and my BP med don't mix so I won't be able to have it. Too much potassium.

    I bought some of the TWIST drink you mentioned in chat the other night and not only did it take care of my after dinner cravings, it has citrate. I'm supposed to increase my intake of citrate to help keep the kidney stones away.
    I've tried the Pomegranate Blueberry and the Lemon. And it's good!!! Publix has it 10 for $10. Not bad..I drink it once a day. Give me a break from just water.

  3. ligrumpygirl
    Not a grapefruit fan but what was the Twist you spoke of? I missed chat...
  4. sunshinecindy
    Its just a flavored water, has two different flavors in each bottle. No sugar or anything added. Very lite flavor, but refreshing. I get it at Publix most of the time unless Big Lots happens to have them.
  5. ~Kathie
    It's not available on the East coast yet except for Florida. Since I happen to be in Florida at the moment, I found it at Publix.

    It's non carbonated water without any sodium or artificial sweeterners and a 'twist' of juice. Less than 10 calories. I don't like anything strong tasting so the flavoring is just right for me. Here is the link so you can see if they have it in your area.
  6. ligrumpygirl
    Not in NY yet...oh well!
  7. PSL1013
    I'm going to look for this drink next week when we get to Florida, sounds like just the thing I would like.
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