I may have to blow it Sunday

  1. sunshinecindy
    I just received a coupon in my email from Ruby Tuesdays, they have that new Sunday Brunch. Well, I got a BOGO coupon and my nephew is going to be in town, so I printed a few off. Rubys is about 3 min from my house. I can't pass this up.

  2. spring
    Sounds like fun, Cindy! Take it from me, lol, you need a break from time to time or you'll lose all interest in dieting. I have been good the last few days, but I have a small army of relatives coming to visit from out of state Friday through Monday. No way I can stick to a strick diet while preparing all sorts of food for everyone else. However, I plan to do my best and, at least, eat less when I'm "forced" to indulge. I'm just going to try to include some healthy choices in addition to the not so healthy choices, and I'll take it one day at a time.
  3. faithhope
    Ruby Tuesday's within minutes of your house?!?
    Now that is temptation... We usually go when we go to Florida...
    and I just found out today that we are getting one in our local mall out here on the west coast...
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