Official List for Friday, 10/23 Dinner

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  1. missangie
    Add me, Add me!! I'll be there, arriving on Thursday the 22nd with Tricia! Can't wait to see all of you, some of you for the second time!!
  2. jakeandsophiesmom
    Shelly, I don't know if it would make a difference since the numbers won't change, but one of the names on the list for me was changed. It's gonna be Kim instead of Leslie. Thanks! Good Luck in the morning!!
  3. Pooh's Pal
    Pooh's Pal your emails and/or pm!!
  4. 3dog2kidmom
    Well.... after 90 minutes on the phone with Disney, and then with Deb's help... we finally have our reservation for 7:05!! A tiny bit earlier than we wanted, but it will work.

  5. jakeandsophiesmom
    An earlier reservation means we can "linger" a little bit longer and have another lapu lapu before we take the party to the beach! Thanks Shelly and Deb for taking on this task!
  6. pbhall13
    Can't wait.........thanks girls for making the ressie!!
  7. Pooh's Pal
    Pooh's Pal
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