How are you doing?

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  1. sunshinecindy
    I love the step too, but I am determined to get my free run past 10 minutes and more then 1.7 miles. I will have to do that everyday. I also enjoy the aerobics to stretch my body.
  2. faithhope
    I'm eating my salad...I've given up the soda... the wii fit plus is fun, so I've gotten more exercise than I used to...I'm still working on the dinner portion size thing... but I'm still trying...

    I think it is harder to lose weight in the winter... I just want to bulk up, and hibernate and I don't have the thought of me in a swimsuit to motivate myself.

    hope everyone else is doing well.
  3. sunshinecindy
    Sounds like you are doing pretty good.

    I'm loving my salads and the grapefruit juice and my afternoon chocolate fiber bar. I don't have the wii fit plus but think i may get it.

    This may take a little longer to get the weight off then I thought, but I think this way, it will stay off. The half portion dinners are doing well cause I'm not as hungry.
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