Fans of Wii Fit

  1. DisneyMa
    I LOVE my Wii fit! I'm scared to get on it right now. I haven't played in a week and she is going to yell at me!!
  2. lmroyea
    I'm scared too! I don't like being yelled at. LOL. I was a little scared to do anything too physical when I found out I was pregnant without the Dr's approval. So now I think it's OK to get back to it. I actually think Wii Fit will be great for getting some exercise while pregnant without it being too strenuous. Plus I'll be able to workout through the winter in the comfort of my own living room.
  3. PSL1013
    I'm starting to like my Wii fit a little better the more I use it but I wish it would tell me that I LOST some weight instead of always gaining? :-)
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