We were there for 13 nights in June. I will do my best to report what I ate- I can't remember what everyone else ate!

Benihana- DtD Hilton- we love Benihana. It's a family favorite. I had the chicken and shrimp combo with the fried rice. Love it!

Columbia Harbour House- we went here twice for lunch. I had the tuna sandwich both times, and it's soooo yummy. My kids had chicken strips, and they like the honey mustard dip and the grapes for sides.

Blue Zoo- this was a highlight of our meals. We loved it. I had Corvina, which is a white fish, and I had the lobster sauce. It was to die for fresh and tasty. DH had grouper, and the kids shared spaghetti and a flatbread pizza- they thought the spaghetti was SO GOOD. The pizza was 'eh. But the service was a highlight- extremely attentive and friendly- we were afraid it might be too snooty for a family of 5 (our kids are 10, 7 and 3). Not at all- we even sought out the management to compliment the server and the food.

Lotus Blossom (China CS)- yucky- move on. Esp if you have to sit outside when it's SUPER hot. We split several meals of orange/sweet sour chicken, and some noodles. It just wasn't that good. I wanted it to be, but it wasn't.

Garden Grill- I will say the character interaction is super! You will get to meet each character (Mickey, Pluto, Chip, Dale) several times over. The service was sub-par. As was most of the food items. I thought the steak was too salty, the fish was pretty bland but OK. I didn't eat the chicken. The potatoes were very salty. The salad was great, as were the biscuits. The dessert- a strawberry puff pastry was fine. The kids got chicken nuggets and a few other sides- not enough was brought, and we had to wait a good 15-20 minutes for more to come- that's a long time for a restaurant like this! And the restaurant was broken! It wasn't revolving and no apologies were made for this- we got, 'yeah, it's brokie', from the seater.

Yak n Yeti- this was OK. Decent service. Tasty food. Nothing spectacular. I had the honeyed chicken, the portion could have been a bit bigger IMO. It was very good. I shared a few pieces with my kids, who split some noodle dish. DH had soup and pot stickers. My parents had chinese chicken salad which they said was just OK.

Narcoossee's- this was good. Service was very good and efficient. We love the crab cakes here. I had the filet which was quite good- I liked the potatoes! DH had the surf and turf- his steak was way overcooked, which he showed the waitress- it was immediately ammended by the chef, who personally apologized (he ordered it medium rare and it came out well). Which was nice. We love the desserts here- the key lime creme brulee is TDF.

Wolfgang Puck Restaurant- this was OK. We backed out of Boma at the last minute cause we couldn't make our ressie on time. So this was a backup plan. I had pizza which was fine. kids had spaghetti and meatballs, which they liked. DH had some sort of steak which was OK. the bread here is great! They also had some white choc cheesecake which was AMAZING. I could only eat a couple bites, but WOW. I might go here again, might not.

California Grill- man, I had HIGH hopes for this place. They screwed up my reservation and could 'see me' on the list, but yet, I wasn't. I had to wait for upstairs to 'grant permission' for the seater to seat us. It was really awkward. First off- food was GREAT. We had an onion flatbread to share- totally good. I had the filet which was sooo tender. Very good. It was the service that was just 'eh. Not very attentive, nor friendly. Just felt snooty-tooty to me. It really threw off the experience. I think we had some sort of molten chocolate thing for dessert- which was very good. Don't know if I will go back.

le Cellier- yep, steak again. I had a NY this time. And this time, the service was impressive. Which says a lot because we were a party of 15. I had some chocolate moose for dessert which was cute and yummy.

Backlot Express (DHS)- this is good for a counter service at this park. Good choices. I had a salad and it was tasty. They also have burgers, hot dogs, chicken and a wrap.

Akershus- we went for dinner. Princess interaction- A+. Food- not good at all. I had a kjottkaker, which is sort of a meatball- I did not care for it AT ALL. And the desserts were 'eh as well. But you're there for princess action, and that, we got! DH took my boys to Biergarten and they had fun there and the food was fine.

Cosmic Rays- we love the fixins bar here- I have to get a burger! DH got the ribs and chicken combo- he said the ribs were inedible, but the chicken was really good.

Cape May Cafe- I love this place! Great food (for dinner), big variety, casual atmosphere. They need to work on how to better get people thru the food lines, but other than that, zero complaints. I will be back! Oreo bon bons rock!

Pizza Planet- atrociously slow service. OK pizza, I like that you can get a side salad. We had cookies or rice krispy bars to set aside for a later snack as our desserts.

Earl of Sandwich- one word- YUMMY. cAnnot go wrong here- it's scrumptious.

More in a bit-