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Thread: Sunshine Rewards Offers Tips and Tricks - Updated 3/11/09

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    Post Sunshine Rewards Offers Tips and Tricks - Updated 3/11/09

    This sticky post will serve as a central place to store your offer tips and tricks. As new ones are discussed, I will modify this post.

    Sunshine Rewards Tips and Tricks For Getting the Most Out of Our Offers

    1) Do not plan on signing up for an offer, getting credit, and then cancelling quickly. The advertiser has every right to take the credit back.

    2) You are not limited to using your Sunshine Rewards email address to sign up for offers.

    3) Do not use a business email address for offers. When you sign up for offers, you are giving the advertiser permission to email you when they please. Sometimes you are also giving them permission to sell your email address.

    4) Print out the terms and conditions of paid trials that you sign up for so that you can refer to them later if you do not receive a confirmation email.

    5) You can find offers on Sunshine Rewards in three ways: Most Recent Offers (in order of newest first), Most Popular Offers, and Offers by Category.

    6) Do not use prepaid credit cards to sign up for offers. This can result in you not getting paid for an offer after you have already paid for the trial. If you do receive credit, the credit may be revoked.

    7) Give freebie offers 30 days to credit before trying to redo them in the instance that they do not credit the first time.
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    More Information and Helpful Tips for Success with Offers:

    1. While offers may have different names, many are from the same advertiser. Don't get discouraged if every offer you complete doesn't credit. It could be that you are already in the advertiser's database.

    2. Don't do all of your offers on the same day. Try to spread your offer activity out during the week. Whether tracking is done by cookies or IP address, doing several offers all at once, even if you are interested in each, sends a red flag to advertisers that you may not be a legitimate lead.

    3. DO NOT use fraudulent information when completing offers. It is important that the information you provide includes valid email addresses, functional telephone numbers, honest survey answers, etc. If fraudulent information is suspected, credits will be denied. Remember advertisers are looking for new business and are paying for your information.

    4. Don't do offers or at least the same offers on more than one reward site. This can result in offer credits being denied or revoked. It also makes it very difficult for us to attract advertisers with quality offers because our traffic and leads begin to look fraudulent.

    5. Follow offer instructions. Whether an offer credits after the first page email submit or requires completion of sponsored offers on the final page, it is important to meet the offers specifications. If an offer has specific instructions, we will let you know.

    6. Don't get discouraged if every offer you complete doesn't credit. Some do and some don't. That's just the nature of freebie offers. It happens to all of us, Tricia, Cindy, and Angie included!

    7. Read in the forum. Your fellow members will let you know which offers are crediting well and which have details you need to be aware of. If you need help, ASK. We are happy to be of assistance.

    8. READ the offers as you complete them including the fine print. It is safe to give your information if you know exactly what you are signing up for or agreeing to. Many people are reluctant to give out their information. It is safe to do so as long as you read the offer detail. You are responsible for anything you sign up for--just read the fine print!
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