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Are the Disney cruises very expensive? My DH and I went on a cruise with NCL last year but Disney would be a good one with the kids but with 6 of us I don't know if we would be able to afford it.
That is always a tough question. Yes, they can be pricier than other cruise lines (I've cruised on Princess, HAL, NCL, and Disney). Each line has its own market niche. I loved Princess and HAL, enjoyed NCL (LOVED their free-style cruising), but fell head over heels for Disney. That being said we are only 2. ANY cruise line with a party of 6 is going to be pricey. What I have noticed about DCL is that the closer you get to the cruise date the prices seem to go UP not down, unlike some of the other lines.

If you signed up for the Vacations to Go offer (not sure if it's still out there) you can take a look at the Disney cruises and the discount that's listed on their website. Start doing some offers here and that will help defray some of the costs!