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Thread: How do you go about renting out DVC points?

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    DH wants to go, but isn't sure when we could go. we did get a nice little bump in our income tax refund, due to buying a new heat pump last january, but i don't think it's enough for a vacation. if wdw's ticket prices weren't so high, we might be able to swing it. any other resorts you can book besides AKL?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MdCaterer View Post
    Me too! We love Disnay and try to go at least once a year for anywhere from 7- 18 days! We ususally book at PORut I think a vacation club stay would be fun... someone, please let us know how it works
    I'm just learning as I go along But say I was to rent you my points. After a purchase amount (and details like how/when money would exchange hands) was decided upon, you would tell me what dates and resort you were interested in, then I would call DVC and make the reservation in your name. I then give you the confirmation number, and you can go about making the rest of your own arrnagements (dining reservations, etc.). I'm assuming it is a less expensive way to stay at the DVC resorts without having to pay Disney's prices for non-dvc members to stay at them. Does that help at all? Certainly feel free to ask more questions as I'm sure there are lots of things I haven't thought of, and then I can learn as well Thanks!
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    Thanks for the info. i was wondering the same thing but never asked. TIA


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