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Thread: Silly DVC questions...

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    Default Silly DVC questions...

    So, thanks to the awesomeness of MissyMouse,* I'm staying at Jambo House in August on rented points. Now, I've never stayed DVC (or Deluxe, for that matter), so I have a couple stupid questions:
    1. I know I'll get no housekeeping service as I'm only there two days. I usually tip $2 a night when solo. Is tipping $2 when I am leaving ok?
    2. The mara: Is it easily accessible? I need my Coke with no icesplease. Is stopping by to do that doable (I'm used to mods/Values where you pass by the food court all the time)
    *I was seriously going to post here about wanting to rent points once I got home from London.
    Been here for almost 10 years...eep.

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    Are you staying in a studio? I think 2 or 3 dollars is fine for 2 days of 1 person's mess in a studio.

    You can easily stop by the Mara after you get off the bus to grab a drink. It's on a level lower than the main lobby level, but still above ground. You walk out to the pool area from there. Depending on where your room is, it could be a little bit of hike to just grab something from your room though.

    Hope you enjoy your stay! We stayed at Kidani and I loved it!


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