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Marc and I will be at VWL during the same time, Hedy. We're starting with a DCL cruise (Wonder, 4-day) and the 3 nights at VWL from the 6th through the 8th. This will be our first time at VWL and we're really looking forward to it. (What I didn't like was getting up at 3:50 this morning to get on the phone with Disney Dining to try and get the Chef's Table at Victoria and Alberts at the GF and NOT get it.) We are now looking forward to Artists Point for our first night's meal. Those Disney GCs are going to come in REAL handy!!

We love the Grand California at D'land and as that was designed by the same architect we know we're gonna love WL.
I love the architecture of AKL and the GC, but the isolation of AKL doesn't appeal to me, ergo I am really looking forward to possibly staying at WL. Plus, Mom and I saw the Samantha Brown special, after which she's been asking if we're staying there like a five-year-old.