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Thread: First Time Super Member Plus!

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    arob414 is offline Was able to finally get home and get in a quickie

    And, everywhere I go, tonight, people are snapping and beating or banging or something and I am lost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TxAggies View Post
    Impressive! I just barely made super member today.
    I just missed it by a few dollars. I was off to such a great start and got lazy but today is a new day. Congrats to everyone who made Super Member, especially Super Member Plus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunshineGirl View Post
    Super Member Plus is definitely a challenge. That's why they always get presents.
    any SMP gift is appreciated but I really loved the Amazon Gift card this quarter. I am saving up for a new laptop and have lots of Amazon gift cards from my health and wellness program at work and am hoping to have enough to get a laptop for "free" this Fall. Bing helps a bit too.

    thank you


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