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Thread: Super Excited-First Disney Cruise--To Canada!

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    Default Super Excited-First Disney Cruise--To Canada!

    Disney had a big announcement in NYC a few days ago, when the Disney Magic Cruise Ship stopped for a day. It is on it's way to Europe for the summer. And, it was announced that the Magic will be sailing out of the New York Harbor for a few weeks, before it returns to Florida for the winter. One of the cruises was a 5 day cruise to Canada, Halifax and Nova Scotia.

    When we go to EPCOT, we always make sure we go in and watch Canada's 360 degree (dizzy) movie, and we always wonder why we do not go and visit Canada, we live right next door. Well, we have visited Ontario, and we have been over in the Western side-for work. So I was excited when I read how the cruise ship was going to go up the coast to Canada. I contacted my friend who is a TA-and she booked us!

    It will be my husbands first cruise- I could never get him to go on a cruise to the Caribbean, since he hates beaches, sand, etc. I thought this will be perfect. Fall weather-Oct-2016.

    I cannot wait to do the drive by of the Statue of Liberty. I was told it is amazing.
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    Sounds great!! Can't wait to hear about it! Guess I'll have to wait a bit though!!

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    I've done this cruise and it was awesome. You're going to love it. I was so disappointed that these new ones were during the school year.

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