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Thread: Redeeming Sunshine Rewards points

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    Question Redeeming Sunshine Rewards points

    I guess I am a bit confused by what I have read in the rules and FAQ's. So is the initial 45 day wait applied to redeeming both gift cards and paypal, or just one of them. How do you know when you have been a member for the 45 days?

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    it's been awhile but I think the "rewards options" for gift cards/pay pal becomes live at 45 days. when I point my mouse at the Home button on the left hand side I see 2 rows. one is rewards. Then I see Redemption Center and all the options to cash out for.

    FYI if you are cashing out for Pay Pal, wait until the 15th and last day of the month as those are the deadlines for cash out and the pp is received the following month.
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    The 45 day requirement is for both paypal and gift cards. You can go back in your account history and see when you joined, but once you hit the 45 day mark you will be able to choose your payout method.
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