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Thread: Flip flop suggestion

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    Default Flip flop suggestion

    I wore the FLEX COOL - HANG LOOSE flip flops from sketchers this trip and they were great. ♥️
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    Interesting. I will have to check them out. I feel like I am always wearing the wrong shoes in Disney no matter how hard I try!!
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    Several yrs ago, Grace and Anna were into the Adidas flip flops. Well, the 1st day, Grace's brand new ones broke. Luckily, I had brought her old pair. They broke the 2nd day, at Epcot. Where luck came in was after buying a stiff pair, in the park, we ate at the Rain Forest. After eating, we shopped and I discovered Flojos. All four of us got a pr that day. I buy new ones every year, usually off That is all I wear from the first warm day until it turns cold. I think I have like 6 prs, they only get to looking bad if you get them wet and leave outside (in the sun) to dry. Then the leather fades. Duh! They are so comfortable, the only time I have ever had a problem was the time we went during Spring Break. I didn't take into acct that I had not been wearing them for hours/day so I got a tiny blister from the strap rubbing on the top of my foot.

    We can get them in Nashville, at Opry Mills, but I usually just order mine online. Here's a link that for some reason isn't showing up correctly, but it does work if you cut and paste.


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