Hey everyone,

Just wanted to make a blanket announcement that we have been seeing a LOT of reversals on our surveys the last few months. In fact, for some routers and members we are seeing about 20% or more of the credits revoked from us after the fact. We haven't been removing any credits from member accounts but it's getting to a point that we are seeing so many reversals that we are actually losing money on the surveys.

Because of that, we are allowing some of the reversals to pass through the system. As of right now, I have them limited to only credits that were $4 or more, which is not a big number of surveys. But we may need to change this if it keeps getting worse.

PLEASE be sure that you are being careful in all of your surveys-- not going through too quickly, making sure your answers are consistent. The router may let the credit go through initially, but the people paying for the surveys always have the right to take the credit back after the fact once they review the individual results.

It sucks, I know. It's hard enough to qualify for the surveys as it is.