Apr 01 2008

Giant Tomato Tree Reviews

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I know how much all of you love your As Seen on TV items–and I have a great one for you!

I had never heard of the Giant Tomato Tree until a member at Sunshine Rewards mentioned it. This morning I was looking through shopping sites and just happened to see it. I’m infatuated with it now! I can’t order it yet because I’m going on vacation on Friday and do not want it delivered while I am gone. But I plan on ordering it while I am on vacation so that it is here when I get home.

I love tomatoes. I eat them sliced with salt and on salads. I make salsa and tomato sauce out of them. I go through so many of them in the summer. It is definitely worth it to me to give this tomato tree a chance for the low price that they are offering it at. Below is a quick video if you are interested if you are interested on the tomato tree you’ve seen on television.

Here are also a couple of place that you can buy them:

Giant Tomato Tree with Bonus at Carol Wright Gifts

Giant Tomato Trees with Bonus at Dr. Leonards

If you are looking for the Tomato Giant (the As Seen on TV product), here is a link to that as well:

Tomato Giant


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