So, been away! Life. It gets busy. We now have a cultural exchange student from Belgium living with us! She is marvelous and we will be taking her with us to WDW in November so I thought this was a perfect time to try to get some more SR money in my account to cash out at the end of the month.
The very first GF survey I attempt to take, I qualify for-yay me! BUT I answer 30 minutes worth of questions and get down to the demographics and thank you for taking our survey, only to be routed to the 'it does not appear you qualified for this survey' page. What?? I just answered every question for 30 minutes (on finances, I might add-blech!) so how could I not qualify?
Is this typical? I have not been doing surveys for some time, but honestly, if I am going to make the effort now, I do expect to be rewarded. I have precious little time now, and if I spend it attempting to earn some extra spending money, I really want it to be worth it. As my dh says, time is money.
Can anyone advise? Thank you!