Department Stores

Department Stores

Major department stores like Walmart, Kmart, Sears, and Target are available at Sunshine Rewards. For all of your household needs in any department, shop the department stores at Sunshine Rewards.



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Member Rating:4.5

 Although we are unable to pay cashback on Amazon, we are pleased to offer you coupons and discounts.  YES!

Member Rating:Not Yet Rated

 Earn 1% back on purchases.  YES!

Boscov's Department Stores
Member Rating:5

 Earn 2% back on purchases.  YES!

Member Rating:Not Yet Rated

 Earn 2% cash back.  YES!
Member Rating:4.3

 Earn 1.5% back on purchases. (excludes Apple products and select brands)  YES!

Nordstrom Rack
Member Rating:Not Yet Rated

 Earn 1% back on purchases.
Member Rating:3.9

 Earn 1% back on purchases.  YES!
Member Rating:4.4

 Earn 2% back on purchases (excludes electronics)  YES!

Saks Fifth Avenue
Member Rating:Not Yet Rated

 Earn 3% back on purchases.  YES!

Sam's Club
Member Rating:3.3

 Earn 1% back on purchases (excludes Accessories, Baking, Beer, Candy, Camera, Coffee, Computers, Dairy, Freezer, Fresh Meat, Frozen Meat, Gift Cards, Soda)s, Snacks, Tobacco, Wine
Member Rating:3.4

 Earn 2.5% back on purchases.  YES!

Member Rating:Not Yet Rated

 Earn 4% cash back.  YES!

Member Rating:4.1

 We are unable to provide cash back due to Walmart's terms and conditions. However, we will present coupons and sales as they are available.