Sunshine Rewards Weekly Contest

How Does Sunshine Rewards Work?

  1. Free membership. Sign up for your FREE membership and we'll get your account started with your first $2.00 reward!
  2. The Forum. Our Sunshine Rewards Forum is a great place to get tips and tricks for earning the most with Sunshine Rewards.  It is also a great place to play games, enter contests, hear about the best deals, and meet new friends.
  3. Daily Surveys. Start by taking our daily surveys.  There are three possible each day.  Advertisers are looking for your feedback about various products and services.  They allow us to offer you an incentive to help them gather this valuable feedback from you.  Paid surveys are very popular.  With Sunshine Rewards, you can get paid everyday!
  4. Shopping. Look through our list of merchant partners.  We have relationships with more than 600 merchants including the BIG ones like Walmart, Target, Kmart, Sears, Kohl's, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and the list goes on.  These merchants allow us to bring you the best deals and coupons available for your online shopping.  You don't need to register with us to take advantage of the coupons and discounts. However, when you visit these merchants through your Sunshine Rewards account, you will also be eligible for cash back on your purchases!
  5. Emails. Get paid to read emails and visit websites.  We regularly have information to share with you.  With your Sunshine Rewards account,  you can get paid to simply read an email or visit one of our site sponsors. 
  6. Offers. Enjoy our free and paid offers.  Sunshine Rewards brings to members the opportunity to participate in a number of offers from various advertisers. Offers range from "freebie" signups to paid trials of popular services.
  7. Videoblog. Visit our Videoblog!  There you will find product reviews and recommendations.   You will also get information about all of our contests, promotions, and upcoming deals.

At Sunshine Rewards, we want you to get paid for your time and effort.  Find the best coupons and discounts for your favorite online merchants. Read member reviews, watch product videos and get access to cash back shopping.  Earn money taking surveys, reading emails, and visiting websites.  We have it all, and we want to share it with you!

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