Sunshine Rewards knows how much you love your surveys! The following are all Daily Survey opportunities that you can try over and over each day until you get one. Learn about our new Survey Stoplight System below.

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Survey Stoplight System

New surveys are loaded for each company throughout the day, and there are usually peak times that are easier to get surveys than others. Our red/yellow/green Survey Stoplight System will help you pick which surveys you should focus your time on. If a survey has a green light next to it, the majority of people who have tried that survey in the last few hours got one. They may have had to try a couple of times to get qualified, but they did and got credit for it. These are the best surveys to start with this hour. If you see a yellow light, people are getting surveys and credits but it is taking more tries and less people are qualifying. Start on these after you have tried everything with a green light. If a survey has a red light, no one has gotten credit for those surveys in the last few hours. It could indicate that few people are trying them, not many surveys have been loaded, or there is a problem with the surveys. Try these only after you have taken all of the green and yellow light surveys and be sure to keep an eye on the forum for updates about why the reds may not be good choices this hour.

You can also click here for a listing of other various paid survey opportunities that change each week.  

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