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Sorry, you are not a Super Member. The Super Member Lounge is closed and awaiting new members for the next quarter. To achieve Super Member status, you must earn at least 100.00 credits in a calendar quarter. Super Member status is evaluated anew each quarter based on the previous quarter's earnings. The current quarter will end June 30, 2016. Super Members receive special perks including extra paid clicks, extra paid emails, increased shopping percentages, increased payout on some offers, and more. You can see your quarterly earnings on the Current Earnings page. We hope to have you as a Super Member next quarter!

Super Member PLUS: Earn 250.00 credits in a calendar quarter and you will receive a gift for the quarter in addition to all of the other Super Member perks!

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April from Pennsylvania

I have been a Super Member with SR now for eight quarters and a Super Member Plus for two. Being a Super Member has allowed me opportunities to earn even more money doing something I already enjoy. Next month it'll be two years that I joined SR and I have earned over two thousand seven hundred dollars, which wouldn't have been possible without achieving SM status and taking advantage of extra survey's and shopping opportunities that SM status gives you. I have taken advantage of special cash out rates for gift cards that have gone to teacher's gifts, kid's birthdays or a family trip to the movies and Target gift cards to do some Christmas shopping.

Tricia has been great in communicating with us and provide EXCELLENT customer service. They also give us the opportunity to try out new things for SR exclusive to SM members. We also get to try new offers or products before the rest of the general membership sometimes at a higher payout to see whether they want to use it or not.

When I first joined SR I was expecting to earn $50 in 3 months to take with us on our very first trip to Disney World. By the time we left I had $350 in Disney gift cards from SR to use for meals and souvenirs for our trip. I'm hoping to plan for another trip this fall or early next year and have at least half of it paid for with my SR earnings. With the economy the way it is, we weren't sure if we were going to be able to go to Disney again but because of SR we'll be able to try.

SR ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin from Oregon

I have been a Super Member with Sunshine Rewards for two quarters. The benefits have really picked up for Super Members- I have done several offers that were given to SMs at a higher payout before they were given to regular members. My earnings really racked up since I became a Super Member during this current quarter- while I don't go off the charts like some earners, I did earn almost $140 in 2 months. For me, that was purely free money- maybe just a few dollars in trial membership fees. As a Disney Lover and a stay at home mom, I cannot tell you how tickled I am to get my Disney Gift Cards or Dollars from Sunshine Rewards every few weeks. It truly makes our vacations more affordable. Since joining Sunshine about 10 months ago or so, I have earned about $500 in gift cards. What keeps me motivated to keep my Super Member status is primarily Tricia's great customer service. She goes the extra mile for all of her customers, and as a Super Member, I feel like perhaps she even pu shes a little harder to make sure my problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

As a Super Member, we also get more of the *easy* survey credits- the ones where you just input email and address and wa-la- you get .50 or so. Also higher payouts with online shopping. I can't wait to see what else Tricia introduces in the future- I think Sunshine is really going to take off even more in the coming year! I'm glad to be a part of it!
Shelly from Missouri

The Sunshine Rewards Supermember program has been wonderful for me.  It has allowed me to earn even more money for our Disney trips.  When I first started with SR, I was like, "yeah okay... .02 here, .01 there, maybe a couple of bucks for shopping.... I'll cash out if I ever get to $25 and that will be that."  But then I did an offer or two, and cashed out for a $25 Disney gift card.  COOL!  Did a couple more offers, then came the summer cashout contest... did enough offers and cashed in for $100 in gift cards in one week!  Once the Supermember program was announced I was already hooked, but it then became an obsession... would I achieve the "status"?  Would I be able to maintain it?  You better believe I would!  It is like getting "A's" in school, or an "excellent" on a review at work -- if it was out there I had to achieve it, LOL! 

The Supermember perks are amazing... I love checking into our exclusive lounge; getting the extra special emails, clicks and clues; having special opportunities to try new offers; and especially being able to cash out for a $25 Disney gift card every day for only 24 credits.  But more than anything I feel special -- like I'm part of an exclusive club.  And I especially enjoy the comradery among the members on the DIS boards. 
Being a Supermember with SR is the most fun part-time job I've ever had!!