Dec 13 2010

Roxio Software Review by Sunshine Rewards

Family memories come alive with the new Roxio Creator 2011 Software Suite!!!

As someone who has used many different CD/DVD creation utilities and software packages, I can tell you the task can seem daunting.  However, if done right, the results can be fantastic.   Roxio Creator 2011 takes all the complex tasks and simplifies them so even novices can create breathtaking home video DVDs or photo CDs.  But the software isn’t just for video beginners – it has so many options, even an experienced video editor can agree the software is full featured and can be used for a wide variety of situations.

Creating photo CDs (especially for grandparents who live far away), is always a good idea but can be cumbersome and difficult.  Roxio helps you each step of the way to make amazing photo discs that can play on any DVD player or computer.  Also, new in this version of Creator is the ability to take your current photos and videos and turn them into 3D!  Imagine taking all those old photos and breathing new 3D life into them and reliving those experiences all over again.  No need to buy a special camera or anything else.   Roxio will take both your old photos and any new photos and make them 3D.

Creator is not just for visual media.   Use it to rip and catalog your CD collection and organize your music.  You can even use it to capture and clean the sound from old vinyl LPs.  Don’t let those LPs sit on the shelf any longer and possibly warp – protect them by digitizing them and make them sound great.  Once you have all your music, create a modern version of the mix-tape and create your own CD of your favorite tracks.

And last but not least, for those of us who “live in the cloud”, Roxio now offers a way that you can access your photos, videos, and music all remotely with any internet connected computer.  Traveling to a relatives?  No need to create photo CDs ahead of time and spending time putting specific photos on the disc!  Just use Creator 2011 and access every photo back on your home PC while you are traveling.

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Special Thanks to Roxio for donating a copy of Creator 2011 for a Sunshine Rewards Holiday contest!

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  1. Nanaon 31 Jan 2011 at 11:07 am

    Kevin, I hve no idea how to even thimk about what you wrote, but your article was well written and I thought you should know i read it. Maybe you want a second job of putting the old VHS movies of our collection on DVDs for us. Is that what this Roxie does??? Good job writing anyway. love Mom