Sep 14 2011

Slice Box Cutter With Safety Features

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I’m a totally sissy when it comes to knives and blades of any kind. In fact, I won’t even use box cutters. So how is it that I ended up doing a video where I not only used a box cutter on cardboard but also on my own arm? It’s the difference that Slice products make.

The Slice Box Cutter is amazing. Like the other Slice products, it has certain unique features that make it different from any other. First, it has a ceramic blade rather than steel. Second, it’s stronger but at the same time safer. And third, you can get a good grip on it without worrying about it slipping. You literally have to watch the video to see the lengths that I was able to go to with the box cutter and not hurt myself.

Right now we have a Slice free shipping deal for free shipping on purchases over $40. It’s a great time to try out their products for yourself. Once your friends and family see this box cutter, they will want them for themselves. So why not just order them as gifts now? Which would you rather have laying in the garage, the church, your office, the PTA storage closet, etc? A traditional box cutter or the one you see in the video below?

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