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50% Off Clubs + Free Shipping 24-Feb-2019
Magazines As Low as $9.99! 24-Feb-2019
40% Off Puzzles! 24-Feb-2019
Books for Children of All Ages 01-Mar-2019
Magazines Make Great Last Minute Gifts! 01-Mar-2019
Mathmania Book Club - Makes Learning Fun! (Ages 7+) 01-Mar-2019
Puzzle Buzz Game Book Club (Ages 4-7) 01-Mar-2019
Great For Any Summer Road Trip: Which Way USA Book Club (Ages 6+) 01-Mar-2019
On Sale: Shop These Deals On Highlights Products! 01-Mar-2019
Puzzlemania Travel Puzzles - Perfect for Roadtrip Fun! 01-Mar-2019
Science Books, Kits & More For Scientists Of All Ages! 01-Mar-2019
On Sale: Highlights Hidden Pictures 2017 - 4 Book Set 01-Mar-2019
Highlights Hidden Pictures 2018 - 4 Book Set 01-Mar-2019
Highlights Hidden Pictures LET'S PLAY - 4 Book Set 01-Mar-2019
Arts & Craft Books, Toys and Kits For All Ages! 01-Mar-2019
Have Fun & Learn - Big Fun Preschool Workbook (Ages 3-6) 01-Mar-2019
Endless Entertainment For All Ages - Shop Our Activity Sets 01-Mar-2019
Find It! First Words & Animals Board Books - 2 Book Set 01-Mar-2019
Have Fun & Learn - Big Fun Kindergarten Workbook (Ages 3-6) 01-Mar-2019
Let's Grow! Play & Learn Boxes For Toddlers - 50% Off Your First Box 01-Mar-2019
Puzzles, Games & Toys For All Ages! 01-Mar-2019
Highlights Hidden Picture Book Club - EAGLE EYE (Ages 6+) 01-Mar-2019
Highlights Hidden Pictures Book Club - Let's Play (Ages 3-6) 01-Mar-2019
Keep Math Skills Sharp This Summer With the Mathmania Book Club (Ages 7+) 01-Mar-2019
Shop Highlights For Children - Books, Toys, Games & More! 01-Mar-2019
Stencil Set - Perfect For Artists Ages 5-12 01-Mar-2019
Learn Math & Have Fun - Math Whiz Electronic Learning Toy 01-Mar-2019
Highlights For Children - Shop Magazines For Every Age 01-Mar-2019
Which Way USA Book Club (Ages 6+) 01-Mar-2019
Hidden Picture Puzzles for Kids of All Ages! 01-Mar-2019
Subscription Book Clubs For Kids - Puzzles, Games, Coloring & More! 01-Mar-2019
Going Somewhere This Summer? Don't Forget To Pack Puzzles! - Shop Puzzle Clubs Now! 01-Mar-2019
Top Secret Adventures Puzzle & Learning Book Club (Ages 7+) 01-Mar-2019
One Stop Shop: Gift Boxes For Every Age 01-Mar-2019
My First Hidden Pictures 2018 - 4 Book Set 01-Mar-2019
Gift, Toys & Books Perfect for Pretend Play 01-Mar-2019
Puzzlemania Book Club (Ages 7+) 01-Mar-2019
50% Off Club Orders + Free Shipping! 24-Mar-2019
Up to 40% Off Puzzles 24-Mar-2019
Magazine Subscriptions For As Low As $9! 24-Mar-2019
Highlights for Children - Kids Magazines, Clubs and Shop! 30-Mar-2021
Highlights for Children - Kids Magazines, Clubs and Shop! 31-Jan-2022
Highlights Deep Link 30-May-2027

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Amanda W. from WI wrote this review on October 06, 2011:
I ordered two subscriptions from here, forgot about the credit and didnt save my email and a couple months later when i remembered I noticed that I never received the credits from these purchases..so keep your email confirmation and watch credits closely so you do not run out of time.

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