May 05 2009

Sunshine Rewards Reviews Highlights Magazines

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Summer is coming, which means we are all looking for things for the kids to do. My girls love getting magazines in the mail. I especially love the ones with educational activities for them. That’s why we subscribe to a number of magazines produced by Highlights. Highlights itself is pretty much the same magazine you remember from the dentist’s office when you were a kid. It has stories, jokes, crafts, and Hidden Pictures. However, Highlights also produced some other great magazines that my kids love.

High Five is like Highlights only geared toward kids aged 2-6. It contains some of the same types of activities as Highlights, only it is easier to read and has more pictures.

Puzzle Buzz is the biggest hit in my house. My just-turned-six-year-old has been getting it since last summer. When the magazines come in the mail, I have to hide one of the two of them from her or she will sit for hours and not move. There are so many activities that are age appropriate for her that she is not only learning but having fun.

Puzzlemania is the fourth Highlights subscription that we get. It’s for my 8-year-old who loves word finds, crossword puzzles, and writing activities. I always keep one in the car for when we are stuck waiting in parking lots or driving any distances. All it takes is a pencil and she will be occupied for hours.

If you have kids in the 2-10 age range, you should definitely check out Highlights. In the Highlights video below, you will see some of the types of activities included in each book. The Highlights magazines come by subscription paid up front and the puzzle books come on a regular basis but you can cancel at any time. Be sure to shop for Highlights at Sunshine Rewards to get your cash back!


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