Apr 27 2008

Oneida: Review of Capello Silverware

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The other day I noticed that I am missing quite a few spoons–my GOOD spoons! I remember as a child my mother always chastising us for losing the spoons. Apparently either my children lose spoons as well or it has been me losing them all along.

The good news is that my pattern is Oneida Capello, one of their Patterns for a Lifetime. I originally started collecting my set when I got married almost 10 years ago. Since then I have expanded my set and added serving spoons. Now, using their Open Stock program, I can buy just the replacement spoons that I need.

Oneida Capello

I love that my silverware is sturdy enough to be used everyday but fancy enough to be used with my china. We’ve never broken or bent a single spoon or fork (even the ones that found their way into the garbage disposal). If you are just starting out in your home or looking to replace old silverware, I can’t recommend Oneida enough. Be sure to check out Sunshine Rewards for the latest discounts (including percent off, free shipping, and open stock sales).

Here’s a short video highlighting some of my Oneida silverware. I’m sure you will see why I love it so much.


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