Aug 21 2008

Piano Wizard Introduction

A little over a year ago, I won a Piano Wizard system for my daughters. I always wanted my daughters to learn how to play the piano but we have such busy schedules with school, dance, acting classes, church activities, etc. This seemed to be the perfect solution!

The girls played around with it for a few weeks and then we packed it away as we prepared to sell our house. This summer, we pulled it back out again. To my surprise, my seven year old daughter was able to pick up right where she left off last summer and start learning again. After about a month of playing a little each day, she was working through the levels–playing with both hands and starting to actually read the music.

If you read the Sunshine Rewards videoblog much, you know that my kids love to make videos. My daughter has been bugging me for weeks to let her to a video on Piano Wizard. I’ve been a little reluctant because I didn’t think that we could adequately show everything that the system does. However, I came across this video today that I think does show the whole system and how it works. Check out this video for now and I promise to follow it up in a couple of weeks with my daughter showing off her skills that she learned from Piano Wizard.

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