Dec 23 2008

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As the Christmas break at school started, I knew that I needed something to keep my kids busy while I got some work done. I didn’t want them watching television or playing video games all day. I wanted them to do something that was fun but also holiday related and educational. So I went online to find some printable Christmas games.

While I was able to find some free games if I looked around long enough, many of the sites had pop-ups, poor graphics, and games that weren’t complete. I decided that it would just be faster and easier if I could pay a little money and get all the games that I wanted. I headed to and downloaded 60 games for less than $20!

The games ranged from easy printing pages to Christmas Bingo to New Years trivia. Some of the games were aimed at the littlest kids while the others were designed for grown-ups as well. There is a wide variety of things for the kids to do for Christmas as well as games for all of us to play at our New Years party. has games for many different holidays and you can even buy an unlimited subscription that will give you games for the entire year. Conversely, if you are just needing one or two games for a specific holiday or party, you can buy them one at a time. If you want some great holiday fun that is family friendly, check out

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