Jan 06 2009

Bendaroos Review Video from Sunshine Rewards

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All of our kids have seen the commercial on television–the one with the product that they just MUST have–Bendaroos! But does the product live up to the hype? So many times we buy the toys and games just because our kids ask for them so much. They play with them once and discard them because they broke, they weren’t what they looked like they were going to be, or they just weren’t fun.

I decided to let my girls try the Bendaroos because we had played with Wikki Stix (pronounced “wicki sticks”) at a restaurant one time and they loved them. I heard that Bendaroos were very similar. When we got the box, I was surprised to see that they were almost identical! The girls started playing with them and were curiously quiet for two hours. When they emerged, it was only to show me their “creations.”

My five-year-old wanted to make a video for Sunshine Rewards. Without any rehearsing or prompting, here she is. You can see that we kept trying to get her to wrap it up, but she just kept going and going. The girls have turned their Bendaroos into everything from their name to a gorilla (I contributed the “sunshine”). Get your favorite As Seen on TV products, including Bendaroos, from Sunshine Rewards and get cash back!


See Jillian and Cassie in the Bendaroos commercial!

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  1. Jenniferon 02 Oct 2010 at 2:41 pm

    We prefer Wikki Stix at our house because they’re U.S. made and non-toxic. They also have more variety and ideas on their website.

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