Feb 12 2009

Sunshine Rewards Video Review of Space Bags

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A number of you commented to us about our Live with Regis and Kelly video about Space Bags. It was nice to hear a celebrity who really loved a product, but we didn’t actually SEE how the product worked. So we took it upon ourselves to test out the Space Bags.

I wanted to show you a way that I thought I would use the Space Bags most, so I chose using them for packing. However, keep in mind that the Space Bags are used most frequently for storage. It’s too late for me to pack up all of our summer clothes in them, but I definitely plan on packing away the winter clothes in them at the end of the season to save room in the closets.

In addition to the space that I saved in my suitcase, the Space Bags were also handy for organizing the clothes. You can pack separate family members’ clothes in separate bags. And no working about TSA routing through your underwear!!

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