Mar 06 2009

Wii Carnival Games Review by Sunshine Rewards

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Wii Carnival Games

I know this isn’t the best quality video and I am a little late getting it up (notice the Christmas tree in the background??) but my kids were playing Wii Carnival Games again last night and I remembered that I wanted to tell all of you about it!

We got Wii Carnival Games for Christmas and it became an instant hit. The whole family (from 5 to 60+) played it through Christmas (including both set of grandparents). On New Years Eve, the men and kids played. We didn’t come across a single guest who didn’t love Carnival Games. So what’s the attraction?

First, I think it is easy to learn. Because you get instructions before each mini game, you can pick up learning the game as you go. Second, the games are familiar–things like ring toss and strong man. And third, it’s an even playing field for everyone. Some games are skill and others are a little luck. Each mini game requires a different skill set. You may not be good at one but you will be good at something.

Depending on what game mode you select, you can do things like personalize your characters, win carnival prizes, and open new areas. Some of our favorite games are Dunk Tank, Day at the Races, and Skeeball. You can play quite a while without getting bored because there are over 20 games and 250 different prizes.

You can purchase Wii Carnival Games at pretty much any video game or electronic store that we have on Sunshine Rewards.


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