Mar 31 2009

She Shops Around 3: Easter Gifts


Although our last podcast was all about food, we couldn’t help but mention some of our favorite treats in preparation for Easter. Easter falls on April 12 this year, which is just under two weeks away.

Show Notes:

* Cindy takes over hosting today because Tricia is under the weather and on mute most of the time.
  * Discussion about various Easter traditions. If you have kids in the room, you may not want them to hear this part. We talk just a bit about the differences between Easter baskets for young kids and making Easter baskets for older kids.
  * Angie talks about food from Hickory Farms, including their hams and dinner packages. Cindy is a true Hickory Farms addict and eats their cheese just about every day for lunch. (Current Hickory Farms coupon for $10 off Easter Hams)
  * Cindy leads a discussion about 1-800-Flowers. Whether you are looking for flowers, plants, or baskets for Easter, you will find something in your price range at 1-800-Flowers. (1-800-Flowers coupons for 15% off birthday flowers)
  * Tricia coughs her way through a description of Jelly Belly. Have you heard of BeanBoozleds? They are similar to Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans from Harry Potter. Angie and Tricia talk about the big bag of Hodgepodge that they attacked when it came. (Jelly Belly coupons for an Easter Carrot Bag and free shipping)
  * Well wishes for upcoming Spring Break plans. Tricia heads to Disney

Happy Easter!! And be sure to check out all of our Sunshine Rewards Easter merchants.

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